no report support and services

Support & Services For Those Choosing Not To Report


Sexual violence can happen to anyone. It’s never the victim’s fault. 

At any time you can speak to someone over the phone 24 hours at 888-235-5333

There is no one “right” response to sexual violence. You deserve to be safe. Confidential services are available regardless of whether or not you decide to report to he police or to your school.

Ask questions and get answers. Reaching out to a trained advocate can help you find the support and information you need in making the best decision for you.

What can an advocate help me with?

  • answer questions regarding reporting, medical exams, and confidential resources
  • help you make informed choices
  • safety planning and no contact orders
  • accompany you to the hospital if you choose to receive a medical exam
  • assist you in notifying the police or your school if you choose to make a report



Your school has confidential people to reach out to such as counselors, clergy or student health staff. Click HERE to find out more about who they might be, or click HERE to be directed to your school’s sexual assault resource page..